Building without lift

Why install a lift?

Improve their quality of life: our elevators are at the technological forefront providing improvements in their day to day
Increase the value of your home: your home will be revalued by improvements involved the installation of an elevator
More accessible and comfortable housing: will enjoy greater mobility perosnas elderly and disabled
Enjoying the benefits of a lift: up or down bags or packages, pushchairs...

Where can I install my lift?

Possible locations for a new lift

Key points in choosing the location of your lift. Download the reference document.

What is the process like?

We assist you by coordinating the entire process from planning to delivery.


We analyse the conditions of and spaces in your building, as well as the movement of people in it, in order to propose alternatives. A technical visit, without any strings attached, will conduct a study and search for solutions.


After the study we’ll present you with a suitable proposal, taking into account elements related to construction, traffic, consumption, installations, regulations, etc. We’ll provide you with the very best solution.


We’re here for you to explain the alternatives, reasons and details of our proposal and to clarify any queries you may have. We are also more than happy to attend meetings with residents to directly explain the proposed solution to them.


We have an excellent team that, in conjunction with other partners, will carry out the installation efficiently and effectively. We surpass expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

MP PROLIFT, we try to make the installation of a lift in an existing building as simple as possible. Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by users of our web page. If your question is not shown here, please contact us.
1How long does it take to install an MP lift?
Once planning permission has been obtained, and the shaft has been completed, the installation of the lift takes between two and four weeks.
2The lift shaft is very small. Are there any special solutions for installing a lift?
MP offers lifts, tailored, personalized and adapted to the requirements of each building. Maximum versatility in design to obtain spacious cars and greater door clearance combined with safety, comfort and aesthetics to blend in with the environment in all our projects.
3The shaft is irregular: Are there any special solutions for installing a lift?
Yes. our designs adapt to the profile of the shaft: trapezoidal, triangular, circular cars or any geometric shape offer the perfect solutions for irregular shaft spaces.
4What happens to the lift if there is a power failure?
MP lifts have automatic rescue systems to take the lift to the floor and open the doors, thereby enabling the easy evacuation of personnel.
5I do not have a three-phase line, can I install an MP lift?
MP offers single phase lifts at 220 V, with reduced consumption, with either electric or hydraulic technology, without needing to install and contract a new line.
6Can I customize the car decor for my lift?
In addition to an extensive catalogue of car models, MP has a wide range of personalized finishes for you to decorate your car to suit your taste.
7Does MP have lifts with high levels of energy-efficiency?
MP LIFTS has eco-efficient designs offering reduced consumption. We offer lifts with the latest innovations in energy efficiency: intelligent lighting (LEDs), standby management systems and electricity recovery equipment.
8Does MP have environmentally-friendly lifts?
Yes, we have life-cycle analysis tools (eco-indicator 99) that allow us to assess the ecological profile of each of our products, complying in advance with Directive 2009/125/EC.
9Can I ask for a non-binding cost estimate?
Please contact us, we will send you a cost estimate shortly.

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