General layout of an electric lift

What parts make it up??
What goes on behind the scenes?

Your lift’s design and the testing of its components, as well as how it’s built and fitted, must meet the rules established by international organisations for standardisation and the technical committees or bodies in each country.

General layout of a hydraulic lift

What’s your lift’s service life

Your lift’s service life depends on how much you use it and how well you maintain it.

Although it’s not a precise art, a lift tends to have an average service life of 30 years.

Your maintenance company is responsible for keeping your lift in good working order and keeping you fully informed of its condition.

What implications does good and bad
have on your lift

Poor maintenance shortens a life’s service life, is costly and means more repairs. Even worse, it makes life difficult for users and leads to your building becoming less accessible. The result? Downtime, frustration and complaints.

Just like cars, lifts are subject to mandatory periodic inspections, which may result in your lift being taken out of service.

Good maintenance ensures your lift is working properly and extends its service life by:

Correcting any issues

Repairing components and faults

Checking for wear

Lift maintenance must be undertaken by law in many countries, whilst in others it is insurance companies which require it to be carried out. Whatever the case may be, it is highly advisable, if not necessary, for your lift to function properly as well as enjoy a long service life.


My lift is old/outdated.
What should I do?

No matter how well you maintain your lift, nothing lasts forever.

If your lift is old or outdated, doing nothing is not an option.




What causes my lift to
age or become outdated?


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