Safety Programme

  • Protection against uncontrolled movement of the car when the doors
    are open
  • Ascending car overspeed protection
  • Overload protection
  • Protection against automatic doors being struck
  • Automatic rescue system in the event of power to the lift being cut
  • No more reoccurring electrical faults
  • Fear of a fault occurring due to the age of the machine no longer an issue
  • Spare parts guaranteed for years to come

Energy Efficiency Programme

A reduction in energy consumption thanks to:

  • LED car lighting.
  • Smart car lighting control
  • A stand-by system that turns off parts of the lift which are not needed
    when it is idle
  • A gearless machine with much higher performance than a conventional geared machine.
  • A regenerative system which uses the energy generated when the lift brakes.

Comfort Programme

The installation of a gearless machine or machine with various speeds means:

  • Less noise and vibrations.
  • Smoother starting and stopping.
  • Greater levelling accuracy.

The installation of a new state-of-the-art controller means:

  • Shorter travel times.
  • Optimal levelling accuracy.
  • Quicker starts.
  • Doors opening quicker.

Connectivity Programme

A connected lift brings with it a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Monitoring 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Quicker response times when faults occur and alarms are activated: technicians are immediately informed of issues, even before users become aware of them.
  • Faults being repaired quicker: technicians receive information on problems that occur as well as the components affected, meaning they are able to carry out any necessary repair work quicker. In many cases, where equipment has not been permanently damaged, having a connected lift allows the fault to be fixed remotely and the lift put back into service straight away.
  • Increasing the service life of your lift.
  • Increasing the availability of your lift.
  • Contactless destination selection: users can call the lift from their mobile phone using the Callmylift app, the result being a touch-free experience.
  • Use of the MP Mylift app for transparent lift maintenance management: this provides useful information on your lift, such as its status, and data relating to usage and availability.

Accessibility Programme

For users with reduced mobility:

  • Greater levelling accuracy.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Doors and cars which allow wheelchair users to access the lift.
  • Access to the lift at street level (on the ground floor).

For users who are blind or visually impaired:

  • Operating panels and buttons with colour contrast.
  • Buttons with raised characters and Braille.
  • Sounds: call registered, gong and voice synthesiser.


  • Audio induction loop to help deaf passengers wearing a hearing aid.
  • XL buttons for those with motor difficulties.

Aesthetics Programme

  • Car floor and walls with attractive finishes and a modern appearance
  • Car floor and walls with attractive finishes and a modern appearance.
  • Operating panels with an updated appearance, modern buttons and a
    TFT colour display available in different sizes.